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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you collect my Tesla?

Yes, once you have accepted a valuation, we will be in touch to arrange a date and location to collect your car. Places we can collect from include a home address or place of work within the UK.

Are there any transaction or admin fees?

No. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge any transaction or admin fees on the purchase of your Tesla. The final valuation figure we give you will be the amount we transfer to your bank account.

How and when will I receive payment for my Tesla?

Payment for your Tesla will be made directly to your bank account on the day of collection, and before we take your car away. Unlike many of our competitors we do not charge for this same-day payment service so you can rest assured that your money will be with you before your car is taken.

My Tesla has a number of additional options, will these be taken into account?

Yes, our valuation platform is specific to Tesla only, so we take into account all of the bespoke features that your Tesla has and include this within your valuation.

What happens If I don’t give the full details of my Tesla during the valuation?

If there are any discrepancies between your Tesla and the details you gave us during valuation, or, if during our inspection, we discover something about your Tesla that you didn’t previously disclose, we reserve the right to change our valuation.

What Tesla models do you purchase?

We will purchase any model of Tesla. Currently, our platform provides valuations for all Tesla models registered after January 1st 2017 and under 45,000 miles. However, we can provide valuations over the phone for any other Tesla and will take the same information from you as our online software does to ensure you get an accurate valuation.

Can you buy my Tesla if there is outstanding finance on it?

Yes, any outstanding finance on your Tesla will be cleared on day of collection. If you have outstanding finance, this will be discussed in our follow-up call with you once you’ve accepted our valuation so that we can be given the settlement figure.

Will you buy my Tesla if it has a private registration plate?

Yes, we can buy a car with or without a private registration plate. If you plan on keeping the plate, you will need to transfer it to another car or put it onto retention prior to us taking the car away on day of collection.

Will you value my Tesla if it has defects or needs repair?

Yes, we can still value and purchase your car, but any damages or defective parts will need to be disclosed to us before the day of collection.

Quick online valuation

Enter your Tesla registration and our online valuation tool will provide you with the price we will pay for your Tesla based on our calculations. There's no hidden fees and there's no obligation for you to proceed.

When you accept

On acceptance of an offer, we will need you to provide us with your contact details so that one of our advisers can make contact, confirm the valuation and explain what happens next.

Buying & collection

Once we have completed all the necessary paperwork, we will contact you to ask you to provide a convenient time, date and location for us to come to you to inspect your Tesla before completion.

We’ll drive it away

Once inspection is complete we will ask for the keys and registration documents and be on our way. The agreed amount will show as cleared within your account before we drive away.